... nice people

A collective of outstanding musicians brought together on this record to create Betrayal in Poland. If you like jazz infused soundscapes look no further.

This composition was inspired by a trip to Gdansk by Phil and Rob (Slingshot’s Founders) which offered up the historical narrative of a city and indeed country subjected to invasion and ultimately deserted by external forces and demonstrating that it has the strength of identity to recover and re-build time and time again. Drawing on a moment in history where jazz and modern art was banned in Poland by Stalin, this record aims to capture the essence of a nation culturally under siege.

Betrayal in Poland available on CD

Listen to … nice people on Bandcamp

…nice people are:

Jez Gray: Strings, woodwind and keys

Rupert Brown: Drums

Gareth Balch: Trumpet

Rob Thompson and Phil Truckel: Narrative