Deaf Surf

“New kids on the block, post punk/grunge, think Pixies that listen to Gang of Four”

Yeah Go On Then

 “You haven’t heard of them yet? That’s cool. You will have to trust me on this one then. But I can already tell you that their phone-recorded demo sounds better and more exciting than any music produced by a lot of Brighton bands. Including yours.” – Guru Disques

 “Great band, definitely one to keep an eye on this year!” – Washed Out Festival

Debut single Sofa out on Slingshot Records NOW

“Sofa” marks not only the band’s first official release, but is also a celebration of their first year as a band. Recorded in January this year at Studio Humbug on the Isle of Wight (UK) “Sofa” was recorded and produced by Boe Weaver.

 Formed in March 2019, Deaf Surf rose from the ashes of previous bands within Brighton’s raucous scene, having bonded over shared musical influences and a desire to do something different. They set to work infusing melody with power, and French frontwoman Manon’s fearless observational and passionate lyrics address subjects such as gender equality, mental health and social media.

 Spending their first year relentlessly writing and gigging, word of mouth continues to spread and the band’s tight, heavy post-punk sound with their unpredictable but memorable live performances shows a new band bringing a truly different voice to the party.