Benny J

Having been born and raised in the place everyone goes to for a second home, The Isle of Wight, in the middle of the Solent, Benny has gigged since he was 14 from Pub and Bar to a Nice Comfy Piece of Pavement.
He is a smartly dressed 20 something with a fistful of angry songs sung through the frustratingly falsetto infused and clear voice of a choirboy. He doesn’t fit in most overhead storage containers. He describes his music as “Glam Punktry” as Dolly Parton is as much a Queen as The Queens of the Stone Age. Likes fiddling around with Drum Machines and EBows.
He sings songs of British Life, Lost Love, Lust and one about Barry from EastEnders. Would like to sell enough Singles and Albums to afford a Gregg’s Loyalty Card.
Things he has tried.
. Numerous Proper Jobs
. Dressing down
. Learning Japanese